Our GX MIG guns are made for the for welder's demand. 

GX - MIG-guns for professional welding tasks 

GC - a handy  and agile gun for light/mid weight welding tasks.  

GXe - The best combination of balance, flexibility and ergonomics.

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Our consumables are suitable and exchangeable through our whole Flexlite MIG-gun series. Having different type of Flexlite guns, doesn’t require additional capital for consumable stock. With heavy research work, we designed our contact tips for extended lifetime. Thus, we keep the money in your pocket with less consumable consumption. 

Detachable pistol grip handle has been the significant innovation for welding guns. Our pistol grip handle is available for all our Flexlite gun models. With the pistol grip and our ergonomically designed guns the welders muscle workload is reduced by up to 64%.    



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  • Kemppi

    GXe 405 G 5M MIG TORCH

    467.81 GBP / pcs

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