Flexlite GC

The Flexlite GC offers a good choice for MIG/MAG welders who appreciate an easy-to-use welding gun equipped with a durable and flexible coaxial cable.

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The Flexlite GC gun is our entry-level MIG gun. It offers top features for hobbyists and smaller workshops. It is perfectly designed for tight welding positions. The new handle design keeps it cool, and its small size makes it incomparable agile. With our well thought designed torch, even the bending support is not needed anymore. Without the bending support we can reach an outstanding handle cooling which leads to an extended lifetime of the gun and the consumables. You may need to get used to this new design, but when using the GC you will fall in love immediately. 

Limitless welding is reached by coaxial cable and 360° rotating neck, which are used on every GC model. Cable is flexible and durable. With rotating neck it’s challenging to find a position which can’t be reached by GC 



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    GC 223 G MM 3M MIG GUN

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