The Kemppi TX torch is the Reddot industrial design winner 2020. The lightweight silicone handle offers the best possible user experience and comfort in welding, Our TIG product family offers several models for air-cooled TIG welding and water-cooled TIG welding through different ampere ranges.  

Series 3 (1)
Series 5 (5)
Flexible (4)
70° angle (2)

Series 5 models are equipped a 7-pin control cable connector. Optional on-torch remote control allows accurate welding current adjustment at a distance. You can choose from rocker or roller type of switch 

Series 3 models have 4-pin control cable connector. In addition, series 3 includes models with Euro connector and DIX connector. Dix connector models have a shielding gas valve in the torch body. 



  • Total: 6
  • Kemppi

    TX 135 G F 4M TIG TORCH

    288.29 GBP / EA

  • Kemppi

    TX 135 G F 8M TIG TORCH

    368.54 GBP / EA

  • Kemppi

    TX 163 G V D9 4M TIG TORCH

    214.37 GBP / EA

  • Kemppi

    TX 165 G F 4M TIG TORCH

    308.35 GBP / EA

  • Kemppi

    TX 165 G F 8M TIG TORCH

    391.78 GBP / EA

  • Kemppi

    TX 225 G 8M TIG TORCH

    410.78 GBP / EA

  • Total: 6